Speccing Functions

I started using clojure.spec’s fdef for speccing functions recently. The short version: it’s super fun and mind-blowingly useful. Things I learned fdef + instrument are awesome. They are great for building up incrementally the program you’re trying to build. They are also great for finding bugs. Spec a function, get error messages if the function … Weiterlesen Speccing Functions

Culture Shock

I want to clarify a recent tweet of mine: The amount of Clojure I can write over the weekend is (partly) constrained by how much pain I expect to be able to stand the following week in my day-job (Java). — Azel (@Azel4231) July 1, 2018 There were weekends where I felt reluctant to program … Weiterlesen Culture Shock

DSUI is on Clojars

I finally published DSUI on Clojars. There are no new features since I last wrote about it. And it still is swing and still looks like crap. But in every second Clojure project of mine I use it to great effect. Much to my surprise it proves useful Why does it surprise me? Generating UI … Weiterlesen DSUI is on Clojars

Buildlog: Hand-built, low-price, low-fuzz, ergonomic keyboard MK2

So, I’ve been designing and researching a lot lately. For the next version of my custom keyboard. As the research might be useful to others I thought I’d share it here. Layout ideas So on a weekend I drew this: There’s only a few changes to my original build: Different screw placement: Screwed in from … Weiterlesen Buildlog: Hand-built, low-price, low-fuzz, ergonomic keyboard MK2

The Space Age II

I have written about immutability before. But a recent insight made me realize that there’s even more to this. I talked to a colleague about ZFS recently and he told me that Github is one of the sponsors of the OpenZFS developer summit. And I asked: „Why would that be, are they using ZFS?“. But … Weiterlesen The Space Age II