Hand-built Keyboard MK3

It’s finished! I’m typing this on the third incarnation of my hand-built keyboard. Facts Layout Nothing changed from the previous build. Sound I am very happy with how it sounds. The switches are very silent but what remains of their sound is amplified by the wooden case. It is a mix of a silent, deep … Weiterlesen Hand-built Keyboard MK3

Multimethod hierarchies and spec

Here is a small example of combining spec-based dispatch via multi-methods with hierarchies. https://gist.github.com/Azel4231/53b610befc62085a87666bb812ec118e It’s super interesting how you can mix and match Clojure’s mechanisms. Is this useful? Parsing by content: yes I can imagine specs to be useful for business rules. e.g. „if the person info misses an email address, we need to ask … Weiterlesen Multimethod hierarchies and spec

Speccing Functions

I started using clojure.spec’s fdef for speccing functions recently. The short version: it’s super fun and mind-blowingly useful. Things I learned fdef + instrument are awesome. They are great for building up incrementally the program you’re trying to build. They are also great for finding bugs. Spec a function, get error messages if the function … Weiterlesen Speccing Functions